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Online music school for adults and children
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What would you get from the 1st lesson?
At the free lesson you'll go through theory and practice:
- We will Find out whether you have sense of timekeeping and an ear for music
- Check your intoning capability
- Choose yor best teacher and programme to
achieve your goals fast
- You'll have fun!
At the lesson you'll get the basic knowledge about music!
8000+ students have already learned to play music at EDROOM!
EDROOM is the unique school format for both beginners and professionals. Here people start to play music instruments or upgrade their skills, sing, form music bands and perform at the school parties. Why does 100% of the students achive their goals?
Everyone achieves his goal at EDROOM!
The methodology was marked with the highest score by the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music for it's phenomenal effectiveness and simplicity
School selects only the best teachers for you! All of them are the graduates of the most famous music academy in Russia
We form unique musical environment among our students and teachers. They all take part at our weekly online music parties and evenings.